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About Farmfluence

It all started when modern life was disrupted by the global pandemic and the growing gap between those who grow our food (farmers) and those who eat the food (everyone) became clear.

At the same time as the fractures began to show in our food supply chain of a modern, instant-delivery society, it seemed like everyone was fantasizing about becoming their own subsistence farmers on YouTube and TikTok. … Or at least just us.

While it’s not looking like we’re going back to a fully agrarian society any time soon, the process of digging into who our local farmers were was mind-opening and life-altering. We realized that everyone could benefit from knowing who is growing their food and not only that — the planet would be better for it.

Knowing your farmer means knowing what is growing seasonally and when something tastes its absolute best. It also means food doesn’t have to travel so far to reach you. And if it’s organic and regenerative, the produce you are consuming is literally saving the planet by capturing earth-warming carbon.

So sit back, watch some farming videos and order your week’s produce from the farms you see in our content. Supporting local agriculture has never been easier.


Our Mission

We have a big mission ahead of us and we’ll need your help and support to get there. Boiled down simply, it’s Eat Good. Do Good.

But what does this mean?

Eat Good.

We love really amazing food and if you are on this site, you probably do too. So we’ll let you in on a big secret:

Great food starts with great ingredients and what you put into the earth is what you get out of it. Nutrients and flavor — you aren’t imagining it — the conventional produce at your local supermarket is lacking in it.

It’s the difference between a regular standard carrot and one that blows your socks off. You will taste it.

Do Good.

We think that eating well and doing good for the planet aren’t mutually exclusive things. In fact, eating better quality food that is closer to you is possibly one of the best decisions we as individuals can do for the planet right now.

By subscribing to Farmfluence, you are also supporting farming practices that are good for the earth rather than bad for it and helping small local farmers continue the hard work of feeding the community. On top of that, you are reducing your footprint by reducing the distance your food has to travel to get to you.


How It Works

Step 1: Your food is harvested at peak freshness.


Step 2: Your produce is then boxed at the farm.


Step 3: The box is immediately picked up and driven to you.


Step 4: Within 24 hours, your box arrives at your doorstep.

Farmfluence Box Gif


About The Box

We’ve given a lot of thought about the packaging your food arrives in to make sure we minimize our impact on the environment.

We do not utilize any plastic packaging and your food arrives in a sturdy recycled cardboard box with vegetable-dyed ink. To absorb moisture, cushion your veggies and ensure freshness, we utilize chemical-free wax paper to carefully cradle your greens.

The box is of course fully recyclable but we hope you find other uses for it. Instant raised bed? A microgreens grow box? A cat bed? Anything is possible if you’re thinking closed-loop.


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