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This Week's Harvest: June 17th - June 22nd

We're thrilled to bring you the highest quality certified organic produce fromthe best organic farms in California. Each week, our partner farms curate the best produce straight from the fields, prioritizing soil health, farmer well-being, and the health of the ecosystem as a whole.
This Week Harvest: June 17th - June 22nd
Regenerative Harvest Box
Nantes Carrots
Green Butter Salanov
Beets w/ tops
Romaine Lettuce
Sweet Mini Peppers
Lacinato Kale

Organic Fruit Box
Naval Oranges
Eureka Lemons

Mushroom Box 
Lion's Mane
Blue Oyster
Black Pearl
Wash before use. Store in a cool dry place. Greens may appear wilted occasionally, soak in ice water for a few minutes to perk up.